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i miss you guys. i work ALOT these days too, but im always on in the am as well. and i just got summer off due to stockpiling revenue and calling in my vacation time :sick:
finally rememberd my real accounts password :sick: WHAT UP TEAM DEADLY ! come back to arma you bastards!
Sup Glock, I been busy in real life, we need to chat bro! I work grave shift so I am most likely available in the early morning hours 7am ish
Added 30 days back to the site.
Ahoy trademark!!! How be the waters o'er your way ye scurvy dog!! :sick:
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.da.Trademark Thanks DC, we need to get DA going again, lol
dcthehole   Let me know when you're ready man
.da.Boomer I put 7 more days on, I meant to put 30 up but didn't change the option.
.da.Trademark Thanks again Boomer. I will try to get the next months due date.
I work so much I am barely on lately.
CrazyMonkey   u need to do an altis life damn it.
.da.Boomer 30 more days added, this shizzle was down!
.da.Trademark Hi all, I will renew the site and TS within the next few days. I work grave shift so I am usually pop in in the morning hours after work around 7 am central. Please use the forums to communicate if TS is empty.
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