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Not to mention half of them thought they were too good to even talk to us. When you base promotions off of who's been idling in your community the longest instead of merit, this is bound to happen.
This time around you should look at a JCOS that actually does something, many people (myself included) left da because we were doing all the work and the JCOS guys were sitting afk in their private channel not doing shit.
I will be setting up a new TS3 that will be displayed soon on this website. I will also be restructuring our organization afterwards. Its time to take a new approach. So if you are interested in DAs future... ya might wanna be ready to participate.
If anyone wanted to crew up for a Planetside2 team let me know. I play on eastcost servers. It's free and fun and I imagine TDA could whip up a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude in no time. I just stated and been wondering why I waited so lon
Hi all, I will be paying the TS3 this week and it should be up at that time.
Dont tell everyone not to worry about donations... do waoory and they should funnel through the website for transparrency for all to know and see. Our TS is the official TS. Without donations.. the official TS will remain down.
Im think of getting a teamspeak server for me and some freinds you guy can come on and i will make your rooms at stuff :)
I have got a ts for da don't worry about the donations to it it will remain up as long as humanly possible. my contradiction to ensure that the community i care about dose not fall apart [link] join and il get you set up
Thank you Boomer. I do not have the funds for the TS3 at this time so it is down as well. Hopefully others will donate too so I can reactivate it
I have paid for the website for the next 6 months as it had expired.
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.da.TrademarkTeamspeak 3 is down at this time. My coffers are empty and I am unable to pay it. The only way to get it back up is through donations. Please donate if you want it back up otherwise it will have to wait until I get funding which could be a few weeks.
.da.Boomer   Outstandintg Marine! Link is broken but good job, todya is my birthday and i am shit faced. Day off from Law today....and yesteray hhaha
oneleggedcat   ya i saw the link i and happy birthday have a good one boomer. [link] : 10587 that might work :-)
oneleggedcat   also trade i don't know what kind of phone you have but on ios and android there is a teamspeak app i think it may be 5 $ on ios and .99 on android if you are intrested check it out :-)
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amerine   donated $50.00 to Team Deadly Assassins.
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dcthehole   Thanks for the donation.
.da.Trademark   Thanks Marine... your a good guy!
.da.Trademark   Damon auto spell on cell....meant Amerine.
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Armybow   donated $15.00 to Team Deadly Assassins.
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.da.iamgod   always and forever XOXO
.da.maddog   wtf I never got any mc loving when I donated
.da.iamgod   but your not as needy as him

Please help if you can!
Memorial Funeral Fund:Beloved Brashune
"I swear a billion words can't describe these two boys; My world, my rocks... the air I breath. I love my two boys." Mya Maxwell, June 3rd, 2014. Precisely eight days later, the el...
.da.Trademark   Thanks to those who helped. Services were provided as planned. Was a very sad day.
dctheholeThe server has been purchased for a monthly fee of 44.47. Thanks to Goobacks, Armybow, and Williams for the donations.
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Williams   Fuck yes!
goobacks0912 , Armybow and Williams   donated a total of $30.00 to Team Deadly Assassins
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Armybow   Love me too!
goobacks0912   And me!
Williams   I love you guys
goobacks0912Thanks to DC who set up new pages for our chain of command and jobs. Job Commanders will soon be appointed and things will start changing in .da.
Also, thanks Jesus who compiled the roster to aid in making the chain of command page.
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dcthehole   The links to these pages have been added to the top menu bar.
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