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Ahoy trademark!!! How be the waters o'er your way ye scurvy dog!! :sick:
Assets are going down in a couple of weeks, are we covered in the bank account?
Sup Crazy, I work alot and come online rarely. Most have dispersed to other places but me and Boomer have been keeping our site and TS up.
what up Team deadly! its crazymonkey. where the fuck are all u at now??????
Busy in real life =(
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.da.Boomer   donated $25.00 to Team Da.
.da.Trademark Boomer, I am OK, sir... just been super busy in real life. I have been debating rekindling everything as well.
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.da.Trademark   Oh cool, I do not see any donation though. I am about to re-up our site as well. I need to give you my phone number as well, brother, so you can call if you ever want.
.da.Boomer   It does show above this post I donated $25.00, it went into 'dcthehole's' pay-pal account, that is the one the donate button is linked to.

What do you mean re-up the site? I cannot call international numbers from my mobile phone.
.da.Trademark   Hmm, DCs account is not linked here anymore. Strange. I do see the post where it says you donated but it is weird because it did not impact our length of days for the site. I do not know why it did that?

OK, I guess we will stick to online communications. No big deal.
Medina23   created a new thread Zargabad Life? in the General Discussion forum
.da.Boomer We hope everyone had a very good new year. Please don't forget that our website and Team Speak will expire next month. Please contribute what you can.
.da.Trademark   I will pay for it =)
.da.Trademark Hi everyone and welcome to Team DA! We are renewing and renovating the organization and hope that everyone likes the fresh new look and fresh new structure! If your a former member and wish to reconnect with the team then let us know through the "contact us" link! We are recruiting and hiring managers for newly developed positions!
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