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Thats ok LIMP, its cool bro... thanks for donation! I am off this weekend finally! Hit me up!
Will send a $20 donation to TS, not much... an havent had time to get on much work 12 hours shifts now.. only game on weekends till get a new shift
Team Da will be looking at adopting the '6 month policy'. Be advised at this time....
Hats OFF! ... to Boomer for making TS3 available to view on our TS3 module! Thanks Boomer!
TS3 is now alive on our website.
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.da.Trademark Teamspeak has been reset for Team DA. It is now up and running but needs heavy Modification to display information once available. It is not appearing on the website yet but will once I fix it.

.da.Trademark   Click on the right side of web page to launch TS3 and join the server!
.da.Boomer   Remember the 6 months website I purchased will run out on 10/02/15 that's the 10th of February yea? Not the 2nd of October, you guys and your backwards dates....pisses me off. Ha ha.
.da.Trademark   Lol Boomer... its all good. We got a fresh start =)
goobacks0912   created a new thread What is going on in the General Discussion forum
.da.Trademark Teamspeak 3 is down at this time. My coffers are empty and I am unable to pay it. The only way to get it back up is through donations. Please donate if you want it back up otherwise it will have to wait until I get funding which could be a few weeks.
.da.Boomer   Outstandintg Marine! Link is broken but good job, todya is my birthday and i am shit faced. Day off from Law today....and yesteray hhaha
oneleggedcat   ya i saw the link i and happy birthday have a good one boomer. [link] : 10587 that might work :sick:
oneleggedcat   also trade i don't know what kind of phone you have but on ios and android there is a teamspeak app i think it may be 5 $ on ios and .99 on android if you are intrested check it out :sick:
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