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Busy in real life =(
Man, what has happened to everyone?
I am set up in my new HQ
Down for some games this weekend BF4 or Amra 3
BOOMER!!! IM SORRY!!! Lol.... I fixed my shit... had major PC issues.
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.da.Trademark Boomer, I am OK, sir... just been super busy in real life. I have been debating rekindling everything as well.
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Medina23   created a new thread Zargabad Life? in the General Discussion forum
.da.Boomer We hope everyone had a very good new year. Please don't forget that our website and Team Speak will expire next month. Please contribute what you can.
.da.Trademark   I will pay for it =)
.da.Trademark Hi everyone and welcome to Team DA! We are renewing and renovating the organization and hope that everyone likes the fresh new look and fresh new structure! If your a former member and wish to reconnect with the team then let us know through the "contact us" link! We are recruiting and hiring managers for newly developed positions!
.da.Boomer   created a new thread Welcome Directors! in the Directors Exchange forum
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