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I added days... hopefully I can be around more!
Hey all, came back to see who was still here...... Seems a little quite around here
i miss you guys. i work ALOT these days too, but im always on in the am as well. and i just got summer off due to stockpiling revenue and calling in my vacation time :sick:
finally rememberd my real accounts password :sick: WHAT UP TEAM DEADLY ! come back to arma you bastards!
Sup Glock, I been busy in real life, we need to chat bro! I work grave shift so I am most likely available in the early morning hours 7am ish
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.da.Trademark Hi everyone! I am looking to start the engine of Team DA again soon! Chime in and share your thoughts! All feedback welcomed... especially thoughts on the next game genre we should jump into with full force!

No more mass game involvement... just a couple favorites and all else will be built around it. Let us know!!
.da.Boomer   I was wondering if your face was ever going to show up again, I have been spying on you though through Faceache.

Lots to catch up on my man!
dcthehole Well forgot to login but added 30 more days to the site... If anyone is still looking at this
Liked this
.da.Trademark Thanks DC, we need to get DA going again, lol
dcthehole   Let me know when you're ready man
.da.Boomer I put 7 more days on, I meant to put 30 up but didn't change the option.
.da.Trademark Thanks again Boomer. I will try to get the next months due date.
I work so much I am barely on lately.
CrazyMonkey   u need to do an altis life damn it.
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